Azure Health Technology

AZT develops and commercializes evidence-based nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals based on two proprietary and patented delivery platforms for improving the bioavailability and efficacy of tocotrienols (a natural product which is one part of vitamin E).

Invictus has two evidence-based nutraceutical products ready for commercial launch in the US as well as a therapeutic drug development program that will shortly enter the clinical phase.

Evidence-based nutraceuticals

AZT’s evidence-based nutraceuticals, which are based on its proprietary MELT3® delivery platform are currently being prepared for US commercial launch. There are two nutraceutical products, which Invictus Biotechnology has developed: 


nE1-Heart® targeting maintenance of heart health – tocotrienols have a similar mode of action (inhibition of HMCG CoA biosynthesis) as statins, the Gold Standard for treatment of hyperlipidaemia.


nE1-Elite® reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), improves muscle recovery after exercise, exercise endurance and maintenance of peak muscle power.


AZT is of the view that by improving the bioavailability of T3s using the TransT3 and TPD platforms, an improvement in the efficacy of T3s in therapeutic indications should be possible.  Invictus has chosen to target two therapeutic indications with unmet needs, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)/Nonalcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH) and pancreatic cancer where T3s have shown some promising activity in animal models and clinical studies.